Nursing bras and other retail

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We love to shop too! Finding the right nursing bra, tank top, breast pump part
can be hard but we want to make it easy!
We are always available by appointment.|
This is a little unusual but actually highly convenient for us and you!
Call or email for an appointment today, 734-975-6534 or

We offer sizes ranging from 32 A to 48 J. Let us help you find just the right bra and the right fit for you.

We carry a wide variety of sizes and colors. Brands include Glamour Mom, Under Cover Mama and many more.

Do you have the right pump for you? A different pump might be the answer if you're struggling with production.

Need some replacement parts fast? Having trouble pumping? Get the parts and the help that you need here.

Herbal supplements might help with lactation but only if it's the right herb for your body. Let us help.

Breast pads, nipple cream, nursing stools, milk trays, breastfeeding pillows, Soothie pads, and more.

Who doesn't love a good deal? Savings are always a happy thing. Check out our online coupon.

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