Welcome to the Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor

"I can not recommend this place and Barbara enough. I drove an hour to get here because the local hospital to me was ZERO help. I exclusively pumped for my daughter for almost 4 months. As she is getting older it is increasingly harder to keep her entertained while I pump and I really did want to nurse but it just wasn’t working when she was born/in the hospital so I figured that was it. But I’m glad I stumbled upon this place and decided to make the plunge. ONE WEEK later we are exclusively nursing (except when I am away she gets a bottle, which is only about once per week) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. If you are ever having any problems go here!!"

"Barbara is an amazing instructor - her background in education, her knowledge, and her passion to support and promote breastfeeding families make this course the trifecta in training for one's CCLS certification.  Whether one is taking this class to enhance their current skills, or is on their journey to become an IBCLC, Barbara's classes will help you best make your goals."