Work and Breastfeeding Consultation

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work and breastfeeding

Work and breastfeeding can happen! However, 80% of breastfeeding mother stop breastfeeding within 1 month of returning to work!  Don’t become part of this statistic! Knowledge and support are the answer.

What can help?  As a breastfeeding mom returning to work you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Let us help you out! We have the support, education, and retail products you might need. Research has shown that mothers who feel comfortable and confident about their return to work plans have the highest success rates.

A private going back to work consultation: We will meet with you to discuss your particular transitional needs. This private format not only allows for basic working and breastfeeding information to be shared but also lets mothers have time to talk about her concerns, fears, and logistics of her work situation. Together, we will help create the strongest work and breastfeeding plan possible. Research shows that mothers who have good social/emotional support combined with accurate breastfeeding information transition back to work smoothly!

What we will cover:

  1. What kind of work do you do? Each type of work is very different and has different needs.
  2. What your work schedule will be? We will review exactly what your life will look like once you return to work.
  3. Bottles and bottle feeding. When to introduce a bottle, how to bottle feed (paced bottle feeding!!!), and how much do babies need to eat will be covered.
  4. Pumping. We will make sure your pump is functioning well, check your breast shield fit, and talk about how to optimize pumping
  5. When and where to pump. Knowing exactly where and how often to pump is important.
  6. Child care. Who will be taking care of your baby and what do they need to know to help you preserve your breastfeeding relationship.
  7. And more!

This consultation is $120.00 and scheduled at your convenience. Families who have had this consultation tell us that they felt much more confident when they returned to work. Knowing what to do and when to do it has led our families to bust the 80% statistic. Join these families in continuing to provide the breastfeeding relationship so important to all of you!

This consultation is often cover by private insurance!  We are happy to do this in person or by Zoom.

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