All Things Breastfeeding Podcast Episode 34: Michelle’s Breastfeeding Story

Michelle’s Breastfeeding Story!

We haven’t had a podcast for a while! Michelle’s breastfeeding story has many ups and downs! This week on the podcast, Michelle shares the story of breastfeeding her one year old daughter. She comes from a very supportive breastfeeding family who nurse for years, and knew she wanted to breastfeeding as long as baby wanted. There are some cultural differences and challenges that Michelle has faced along the way. Join in and listen as Michelle shares her journey.

Michelle's breastfeeding story


Michelle dealt with isolation living away from her family that she is very close to. She was incredibly sore in the beginning! Sadly, she felt she had post-partum depression, but like many of us, was too embarrassed to tell others that she was suffering. Fortunately she has made it through these challenging times and is still nursing her little one! For help with breastfeeding older babies, here is podcast discussing this issue.

For sore nipples listen to our podcast and take a look at what kellymom has to say! No matter what the internet says, nipple pain is not normal! If your pain is getting worse, not better, or if you have any visible damage, please consider a private consultation.

If you feel you may have postpartum depression, maybe take this quick assessment. We very much encourage you to reach out and get help. Tell your doctor or midwife if you feel like you are struggling with depression. Let your partner know as well. Tell people, don’t be embarrassed. Anyone can suffer from post-partum depression. Even Brook Shields! Maybe join a support group to help with loneliness? The power of support of groups!

Thanks for listening! If you want to share your breastfeeding story, please email Mothers out there who are in the thick of it, breastfeeding those little one, need to hear your stories! Please share your story!

~Happy Breastfeeding

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