Human Milk Depot of Ann Arbor

Are you a breastfeeding mother with more milk than your baby needs? If so, please contact Bronson Hospital’s Mother’s Milk Bank at 269-341-6146

Our depot is closed but don't worry! Bronson Hospital has made shipping your milk really easy!
Please call 269-341-6146 to get information about becoming a donor.
Human milk provides optimal nutrition, promotes normal growth and development, and reduces the risk of illness and disease. In situations where mothers’ own milk is not available, provision of pasteurized, screened donor milk is the next best option, particularly for ill, or high-risk infants. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding as the optimal infant feeding choice, mother’s own milk pumped as second choice, pasteurized banked human milk as the third choice, and lastly, if no other choices are available, artificial baby milk. Bronson Mother’s Milk Bank operates under the guidelines of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

Donating to the Bronson’s Mother’s Milk Bank is easy! The first step is an in-depth phone screening with Bronson Hospital and a simple blood test. Finally, pick up or have delivered any supplies you need, pump, and ship your milk! Bronson makes it super easy to ship, so don’t worry about this step. If for some reason you do not qualify as a donor for Bronson’s Mother’s Milk Bank, contact Barbara Robertson, IBCLC at 734-975-6534. We will find a home for your extra breastmilk.

Milk donors are the foundation of our milk depot. Donors are healthy women who set aside time to express extra milk for the good of other babies. Donors must have a healthy lifestyle and be willing to have blood tests to rule out infectious diseases.

A donor human milk bank welcomes a mother’s extra milk. A human milk bank carefully screens healthy breastfeeding women and accepts their donations of surplus milk. The milk is then pasteurized and tested to make sure that no bacteria exist, and frozen until it is prescribed by a physician for a baby in need.

Help babies get the optimal nutrition from your extra milk!

Mothers who would like more information about breast milk donation can call Bronson’s Mother’s Milk Bank 269-341-8849.

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National Human Milk Bank - In our opinion, all reputable Milk Banks are members of Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA).  This organization is NOT a member of HMBANA.

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