All Things Breastfeeding Episode 33: What’s In The Numbers?

What's in the numbers

What’s in the numbers?

This week on the podcast we talk about numbers! Birth weights, how accurate they might be, comparing one scales weight to another, and all the variables to take into consideration when looking at numbers. Sometimes the scales might not be calibrated properly. What if the baby was weighed with a full belly and full of poop? The next weight might have your baby starving and you might have just changed a blow out diaper! How was that particular feed if you are doing a pre and post weight? If it was a terrible feed, you would expect a low amount of breastmilk transfer. If the mother feels it was the best feed every and the amount of breastmilk transfer is low, that is much more of a problem. What’s in the numbers and why might they or might they not be important. Do they show the whole picture? Often times not. We don’t want to be making infant feeding decisions without having all of the information.

We also talk about breast pumps! It drives us crazy the way that breast pump companies don’t always do enough testing on their products.
Guess who is doing the testing? You! You just spent your hard earned money on a brand new type of breast pump and it might not work well. We encourage our mothers to do their homework before you buy your breast pump. Don’t be the first group to buy. Wait for a bit before you invest your money. We talk about the new Medela Sonata and the Spectra 1 and 2.


Show Notes: 

Study showing errors of weight inaccuracies

IV fluid study 

Birth Interventions Podcast Episode 

In The News:

The new Medela Sonota Breastpump

Willow pump

FDA breastpump info. 


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