All Things Breastfeeding Episode 19: Milk Sharing

BFpodart3Sharing breastmilk is not a new idea, but it is being discussed more and more these days. Milk sharing can be done both formally and informally and we will chat about both in this episode.


Resource of the day: Human Milk Baking Association of North America and the Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank

For more information on NEC,  check out our podcast interview with Jennifer Canvasser and also the NEC Society

Informal milk sharing websites:

Human Milk for Human Babies


Eats On Feets


Check out these studies that we discussed on the shows: 

Microbial Contamination Of Human Milk Purchased Via The Internet 

Cow’s Milk Contamination Of Human Milk Purchased Via The Internet 


Other Links of Interest:

Paced Bottle Feeding

How much milk to put in the bottle 

Bottlefeeding Podcast 

YouTube video of paced bottle feeding 

Best For Babes 

Jennifer Canvasser’s article on the healing powers of breastmilk


In The News:

4 Reasons Woman Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public YouTube Video


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