All Things Breastfeeding: World Breastfeeding Week Special

BFpodart3 Happy World Breastfeeding Week! How are you celebrating? This week Barbara and Barb chat about the benefits of breastfeeding along with the risks of formula feeding.  Also, Donald Trump made breastfeeding news last week! Hear what we have to say about it!



Show Notes:


Formula recalls do happen more often then we think! In 2010, this formula company recalled product due to the chance of beetles being detected in the formula.

This bacteria has been found in infant formula, although rare, it is still a risk!

Breastfeeding is linked to Higher IQ and higher income as an adult according to this study.

What gets in the way of breastfeeding?


In the News: Donald Trump making a stir in the breastfeeding world! 


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~Happy World Breastfeeding Week!









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