All Things Breastfeeding Episode 40: Breastfeeding Podcast Update

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Barb and Nolan

Barb is getting ready to take her IBCLC exam in April and I have been busy doing other things besides creating a breastfeeding podcast!

But we are back to making our breastfeeding podcast!

I am being joined by my new intern, Jessica, who is going to continue my podcast journey. Don’t worry, Barb is not gone! You will see her here and there!

We want to be able to deliver our breastfeeding podcast to you again on a regular basis. Please let us know what you would like to hear about. Send comments to if you have a breastfeeding podcast idea or would like to have us record your breastfeeding story to share with the world. Also, consider reviewing us on itunes to help others be able to find us. It only takes a minute and is so helpful for others.

We are going to keep offering parents breast feeding stories, updates on what is happening in the news, and our specific topics like working and breastfeeding, helping with breastfeeding or nipple pain, low milk supply, and whatever else catches our eye!

So, stay tuned! We are hoping to release a few breastfeeding podcast at least 1 time per month!

Thanks for your patience!
Barbara D. Robertson, MA, IBCLC

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