All Things Breastfeeding Episode 32: Breastfeeding Support Groups

Breastfeeding support groups

Are breastfeeding support groups right for you?

This week on the podcast, Barbara and Barb chat all things breastfeeding support groups. Why are they helpful and who might benefit from a breastfeeding support group? Many people feel that a “support group” is old fashioned or if you need to go to one, it is a sign of weakness. Far from it! Gathering with a group of like minded people feels good!

Not all of our moms are singing Kumbaya, and talking about how easy breastfeeding is, believe me. Many of our mothers are struggling with pain, supply issues, you name it! It is a chance to talk to other mothers, share ideas, and get some professional suggestions as well. Some mothers hardly have any milk and their babies won’t latch.

All we ask for from our attendees is that they are kind and respectful to one another and they like (it hard to “love” breastfeeding when you are struggling!) breastfeeding, and think it is the healthiest way to feed babies.

On the other hand, if breastfeeding is the easiest thing you have ever done, join us as well! It is great to see what breastfeeding was designed to be like! If only we didn’t have so many things interfering with this natural process
Check out our podcast and let us know if breastfeeding support groups have helped you!

The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor offers a weekly, free drop in support group for moms.




La Leche League International

Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor-Breastfeeding Cafe

Breastfeeding USA

Baby Cafe USA

Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association

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Vitamin D is important! Check out this study for supplementing yourself. Remember to get your levels checked!


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