Part 2 of CCLS Course

Cancellation Policy: A full refund minus a $75 cancellation fee will be provided upon request up to 45 days before the In-Person portion of Part 2 of the training begins OR until the time a participant submits at least one assignment for the Pre-Work section of Part 2 to be graded. To be clear, once a participant has turned in at least one assignment for the Pre-Work section, no matter how many days before the In-Person portion of Part 2 this is, no refunds will be issued. After either of these terms, no refunds will not be issued.

Transfer/Make-Up Policy: Should you need to transfer your registration to another training in the future when it is available, you may do so without penalty up until four weeks before a training begins. Once we are within four weeks of a training, we cannot guarantee you a spot in a future training but will accommodate you IF there is a training scheduled and the training is under-enrolled and we have a spot available for a $75 fee. In this case, you may receive very short notice of a make-up opportunity and should plan accordingly. Illness, family emergencies, last-minute babysitting or transportation challenges, and so on, are not our responsibility but we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your situation.

Winter Storms. We will not issue refunds due to winter storms and other conditions beyond our control. Please allow plenty of extra time for travel if bad weather is threatening. If extreme blizzard or ice conditions coincide with the onset of a workshop and make driving hazardous, we may delay the start time or otherwise adapt the parameters of the training (check your email for updates). We will make every effort to accommodate everyone should conditions be extreme or impossible (this has never happened in 20 years, fingers crossed). If driving conditions become hazardous in the middle of a training weekend and you are driving back and forth a fair distance each day, you are welcome to bring some portable bedding/change of clothes and stay at the Center overnight. We have two couches and a queen-size air mattress on hand, as well as floor cushions, pillows and blankets. We cannot be held liable for airfare costs accrued due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Attendance Policy. In order to provide you with proof of having completed the CCLS certificate requirements, you will need to attend the course and complete all assignments in their entirety. Should you become ill or otherwise unable to complete a training you have started, the Transfer/Make-Up Policy (above) will apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, but it is highly recommended and required to receive your CCLS credential.

The course is offered in small groups only. Plenty of chances to ask questions!

The location is Center for the Childbearing Year Teaching Space located at 722 Brooks Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

  1. Part 1:
    • 20 hours of pre-work with assignments and an optional bi-weekly webinar with Barbara Robertson, IBCLC, to discuss the assignments and ask questions
    • 25 hours, 3 days, of in-person education with homework
  2. Part 2:
    • 20 hours of pre-work with assignments and an optional bi-weekly webinar with Barbara Robertson, IBCLC, to discuss the assignments and ask questions
    • 25 hours, 3 days, of in-person education with homework
  1. IBCLCs who need Lactation CERPs for re-certification.
  2. Aspiring IBCLCs who are acquiring their lactation education CERPs as a stepping stone to becoming an IBCLC.
  3. RNs or other health care professionals who want to increase their breastfeeding skills or acquire 20+ hours of breastfeeding education for the “Baby Friendly” hospital initiative.
  4. Peer Counselors, La Leche League Leaders, anyone, who wants to be able to better help mothers and babies with breastfeeding concerns.
  5. Birth and post-partum Doulas who are interested in being on the cutting edge of breastfeeding support.


  1. We promise that you will not sit and just listen to powerpoint lectures for 45 hours.
  2. This extremely interactive course focuses on utilizing educational techniques research has shown to be effective for adult learning.
  3. In order to truly learn something, you have to use it in some way, not just hear it.

We will do small group work, work with actual mothers and babies, role play, case studies, large group discussions, problem-solving, and practice, practice, practice the skills we are using focusing on how to effectively communicate with our families.  With breastfeeding, social and emotional support are just as important as your technical knowledge.

  1. You will be able to understand the normal course of breastfeeding
  2. You will be able to identify breastfeeding problems
  3. You will be able to help identify the underlying causes of breastfeeding problems
  4. You will have direct exposure to clinical strategies and gain enhanced confidence
  5. You will be able to offer practical solutions in a compassionate, easily understandable way

Early Bird Prices

$1000 for Part 1 and 2

$595 for Part 1 only

$595 for Part 2 only

Late Registration Prices

$1300 for Part 1 and 2

$750 for Part 1 only

$750 for Part 2 only

Payment plans are available. All payments must be made before the first day of the in-person portion of the course.

Tentative Schedule

23 hours online - must be completed before the start of Part 2 in-person training:

  1. Legal issues and HIPAA
  2. Cultural concerns
  3. Controversies in breastfeeding
  4. Who’s who in lactation?
  5. Where are mothers finding information?
  6. Nutrition and breastfeeding
  7. Tools of our trade
  8. How to write a doctor report and other paper work needed
  9. When breastfeeding doesn’t goes as planned
  10. Understanding and using research
  11. Medications and mother’s breastmilk
  12. When mother is sick


Day One of in-person training - Friday, 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

    1. Review of breast and nipple pain
    2. Breastfeeding problem solving: Resolving breast pain
    3. Working and breastfeeding
      • The mother
      • The work place
      • The child care provider
    4. Breastfeeding problem solving- Helping mothers return to work


Day Two of in-person training - Saturday, 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

  1. Nursing older babies
  2. Tandem nursing
  3. Breastfeeding problem solving- Helping mothers and babies with latching and positioning
  4. Premature and near-term babies
  5. Breastfeeding multiples
  6. Breastfeeding problem solving- Helping to increase a mother’s breastmilk supply


Day Three of in-person training - Sunday, 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

  1. Tools of our trade
  2. Providing hope for the next baby
  3. Breastfeeding problem solving- Making a plan for the next baby

Dates for Winter/Spring 2019 will be announced in September of 2018.