New Arrivals

For a few years there has been a new pump on the market that has intrigued us! Because of the Affordable Care Act we haven’t sold many breast pumps lately. However, what we are finding is that the version of the pump that is given out through your insurance company isn’t the same quality as the one you would buy in the store. It is not a surprise that the pump companies would want to make even more money by putting out a cheaper version of what they normally sell. Sadly, when pumping is not going well, we blame ourselves, not our pumps! We have just started carrying a new pump at the Breastfeeding Center.

We now have the Spectra 2 and Spectra 1 in addition to replacement parts for this pump. Mothers are finding that they sometimes have to buy a second pump because the insurance pump is not doing its job. Our prices are comparable to Amazon on most days, (you know Amazon!) and we will show you how to use it. Keep us and Spectra in mind if you are struggling with pumping.