WIC and Baby Friendly Hospital Trainings

LCE- Lactation Counselor and Educator

WIC Senoir Peer Counselor Training

20 Hour Becoming Baby Friendly Hospital Training

LCE- Lactation Counselor and Educator

This 45 hour professional lactation training is designed to specifically meet the Level Three training needed by WIC staff. This course will cover additional lactation clinical skills building upon the previous Level Two training, as well as focusing on Motivational Interviewing, how to best communicate with our clients for effective interactions.

This virtual course will consist of a hybrid model using an online learning system, Thinkific, and live Zoom Meetings. The participants will be doing 18 hour of pre-work lessons and assignments, meeting for two days of live Zoom meetings, doing another 6 hours of online pre-work, and then meeting for a final day of a live Zoom meeting. A final quiz and evaluation will finish this training. The goal of the course is to be able to take the theoretical clinical knowledge and be able to apply these skills to the actual work with families.


WIC Senoir Peer Training

Barbara Robertson, MA, IBCLC has developed
a new 3 day training for the state of Michigan!

This training is designed to provide WIC Peer Counselors more information and experience in the areas of:

  1. The benefits of breastfeeding
  2. Motivational Interviewing- Communication skills
  3. Ethics- The role and responsibility of the WIC Peer Counselor
  4. How to establish an effective breastfeeding class and support group
  5. Assessing and breastfeeding mother and baby
  6. Mentoring of WIC Peer Counselors
  7. Identify barriers and finding solutions to breastfeeding problems
  8. A new look at latching and positioning
  9. Working and breastfeeding
  10. Working within WIC Peer Counselor Scope of Practice

Our 20 hour breastfeeding training is designed to satisfy
the “Baby Friendly” Hospital Initiative.

This course is offered at your site or mine

Are you “Baby Friendly”? This course is designed to fulfill the 20 hours of breastfeeding education clinical and non-clinical staff need to work in a Baby Friendly designated hospital’s birthing center or maternity unit. All of the hospitals/birthing centers in S.E. Michigan are considering obtaining Baby Friendly status and many are actively engaged in this global program sponsored by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Anyone who works with breastfeeding families in a health care setting will benefit from this most recent breastfeeding research and interactive clinical skills workshop.

Topics include:

    1. Recommendations from the AAP and WHO
    2. Benefits of breastfeeding
    3. The roles of lactation supporters
    4. Mother and infant assessment
    5. Feeding cues
    6. Evidence-based methods to help with latching and positioning
    7. Potential breastfeeding problems and solutions
    8. Hand expression of breastmilk
    9. Use of breast pumps and more.

Lesley C.