Initiating Successful Lactation (1 day professional training) – Date: TBA


Product Description

A must have day for anyone working with mothers and babies during the birth and early postpartum! 6.5 Lactation CERPs will be offered.

Taught by master educator Barbara D. Robertson, MA, IBCLC, RLC

This one day training will provide  thorough understanding of what is happening to lactation during the birth and the first few days afterward.

It will cover:

  • Setting up your pregnancy for great lactation.
  • How the birth can affect breastfeeding and how to overcome birthing challenges.
  • What should be happening in those first few days to support optimum lactation.
  • When and if supplementation is appropriate.

Training date: TBA

9:00-10:30-Birthing and Breastfeeding


10:45-12:00-What is normal for the first few days?

12:00-1:00-Lunch break (Lunch is not provided)

1:00-2:30-Common challenges early post-partum




The course will be held at The Center for The Childbearing Year’s teaching space.

722 Brooks Street, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103