iLactate: Back to work Support page

Welcome! The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor is please to announce our newest addition for breastfeeding support!


iLactate Back to work


Are you going to be or are currently a working and breastfeeding mother? Do you have questions and concerns? Problem solved!

Our phone application is designed to offer information, tracking help, and resources to help you feel more secure about you transition.

It runs on IOS 7 and above. It will be available on itunes soon!

Working and breastfeeding is not as hard as it sounds as long as you have the information and support that you need.  In general new mothers in the USA return to work at about 10 weeks.  This can be very challenging.  Statistics say that 80% of mothers stop breastfeeding within one month of returning to work. We believe with a little support, accurate medical information, and keeping track of some basic numbers will help you avoid joining this statistic.

The purpose of this app is to provide accurate information about working and breastfeeding, resources to provide additional information, and a tracking system that will help you keep track of important information.
Most working and breastfeeding mothers just need some information and support to be able to make this transition successfully.
It is common for a working and breastfeeding mother, upon reflection, realize a problem really started weeks ago.

The guiding principles behind this app is to help you be nimble, investigate the information before you return to work to be well prepared, look up information as problems crop up, and keep track of your milk supply so if things are shifting in a negative direction you will be alerted right away.

There are three main features of this application:
-Information Guide This is your source of information and guidance. It is constantly being updated as new research and resources arise.
-Tracking The tracking allows you to keep track of three important numbers. You can use all three measurements or none. Completely up to you!
-Resources For people who are information hounds, there are hundreds of links to other pages with additional information.

Questions or concerns? Contact Barbara D. Robertson, MA, IBCLC, RLC for information.