iLactate: Back to work

Are you returning to work soon? Breastfeeding? iLactate: Back to work

Don’t become a statistic! This new working and breastfeeding support phone app is for you! For just $3.99 you will have access to:

An information guide providing you with suggestions for making your working and breastfeeding experience positive.

A breast pumping log in the i:Lactate: Back to workphone app allows you to track the amount of breast milk you express each week.

Tracking capabilities lets you track your weekly breast milk output, your weekly breast milk intake (how much baby drinks!), and your breast milk removals are all part of this phone app.

Comprehensive working and breastfeeding resources.

iLactate: Back to work runs on IOS 7 and above. It is available on itunes now!

Working and breastfeeding is not as hard as it sounds as long as you have the information and support that you need.  In general new mothers in the USA return to work at about 10 weeks.  This can be very challenging.  Statistics say that 80% of mothers stop breastfeeding within one month of returning to work. We believe with a little support, accurate medical information, and keeping track of some basic numbers will help you avoid joining this statistic and be a successful working and breastfeeding mother.