All Things Breastfeeding Podcast Episode 35: Breastfeeding in Public

breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in public!

This week, Barbara and Barb do a round-up on breastfeeding in public, just in time for the summer. Moms are out and about, and babies still need to eat.
We discuss a recent incident where a breastfeeding mother had an employee suggest she might be more comfortable nursing in the bathroom after other customers had been complaining. People don’t understand how brave a breastfeeding mother is to even attempt to nurse in public for fear of someone getting offended.
We are trying to be discreet! We don’t want to offend people with our breasts or nipples. But if the baby needs to eat, the baby needs to eat. Bottom line.

An inexperienced mother is most vulnerable because she has not come into her own yet. I dare someone to to try and harrass Barb while breastfeeding her third child! Let the loves commercial below, practice does make perfect!

Why are barely covered nipples and genitalia ok in a bikini but god forbid someone might see a glimpse of something while a baby is latching or un-latching so offensive?
Join us while we chat about recent breastfeeding in public news.

If you have been harassed while breastfeeding in public or just have a breastfeeding story to share, please email Barbara at We would love to hear your story!



Breastfeeding in Target 

Modest Nursing covers

Luv’s commercial:


Another example of a mother being harassed for breastfeeding in public:


Another mom being harassed as a social experiment on a train, with a good ending!



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